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Has a drug addiction lead to you or a loved one facing charges?

Many people can find themselves in situations in which they feel powerless. Someone or something may have control over them, and as a result, they can feel trapped and helpless. If you know someone with a drug addiction or have one yourself, you undoubtedly know the struggles that can come along with feeling at the beck and call of this disease. Unfortunately, the effects of addiction can easily take over a person's life.

As mentioned, drug addiction is a disease. Once a person becomes addicted to a substance or multiple substances, his or her brain begins to change. As a result, you or your loved one could make decisions that may not have been made if the drugs had not affected the brain. In some cases, those decisions could lead to considerable legal trouble.

Type of drug crime could impact your defense strategies

Many Texas residents find themselves in situations that can often feel confusing and overwhelming. You undoubtedly have felt this way at least once in your life, and you may have struggled to determine the best option for handling the predicament. Though, in the end, you likely discovered the best course of action, you could still find yourself thinking back on that incident and wondering how you could have handled it differently.

Now, you may have found yourself in an even more serious situation in which authorities have filed criminal charges against you. Not only do you feel overwhelmed, but you may also feel panicked at the idea of possibly facing serious consequences. If police have accused you of a drug-related crime, you may wish to ensure that you understand the specific type of crime with which they have charged you.

Facing a felony DUI in Texas?

Driving under the influence of alcohol is something that many Texas residents have been accused of doing. Some have dealt with misdemeanor charges as a result and others have ended up facing felony level charges. Those who face the latter have a lot to lose if convicted.

What makes a DUI a felony DUI in Texas? What are the penalties? Is there any way to fight this type of charge?

Domestic violence charge doesn't have to destroy your future

If authorities have accused you of engaging in domestic violence, you may understandably be fearful of what this means for your future. This is particularly true if such a conviction could complicate an existing immigration or child custody case, for example.

Still, a conviction cannot happen in Texas unless prosecutors can prove your domestic violence charge beyond a reasonable doubt. This standard exists in an effort to prevent innocent people from facing convictions for crimes they did not commit and thus facing unnecessary punishment.

Plant yourself on solid legal ground re marijuana in Texas

You may agree that Texas is often known as a state that marches to the beat of its own drum. If you've been following national, state and local news about changing marijuana laws, you may already know that this state has been true to form in that it is doing its own thing and not going with the flow that the rest of the nation appears to be taking. In short, you still cannot use marijuana for any reason here.

If you are caught with even a tiny amount of marijuana in your possession in Texas, you may wind up behind bars. That's not the only penalty you might incur if the court convicts you of a marijuana-related crime. Since federal law states all marijuana is illegal, but many states have implemented laws that say otherwise, you might feel very confused regarding what's okay and what might lead to trouble.

Stay focused against distracted driving in Texas

Would you ever close your eyes and drive across the length of a football field at the same time? Hopefully, you understand what a foolish and utterly dangerous activity that would be; yet, that's exactly what it's like if you read a text while driving your car. Texting while driving is one of the most common types of driving distractions on Texas roadways nowadays. If you're traveling at highway speeds and a nearby driver is reading or sending a text message, you may be on your way to disaster.

While you're keeping a lookout for motorists using hand-held electronic devices, you may want to keep your eye out for other distracting behaviors that also place you at great risk for a collision. If you know how to recognize potential danger, you may increase your chances of arriving to your destination safely.

Establishing paternity ensures the well-being of your child

Child support is a complex issue, but it can be particularly complicated for Texas parents who were not married at the time of the birth of their child. When the father's name is not on the birth certificate, it can bring a host of complications, particularly those that pertain to financial support and custody.

Establishing paternity is usually in the best interests of your child, whether you are a mother seeking regular child support payments or a father hoping to clearly outline your parental rights and responsibilities. It is possible to establish paternity either through the agreement of both parents or with certain tests.

Is voluntary departure a beneficial alternative to removal?

Living in the United States may have been your dream for some time before you actually made it into the country. You may have prospered and felt at home and started to feel as if you could live the rest of your life with your family in this land of opportunity. However, if you did not come to the country through legal means or you overstayed the amount of time allotted through your visa, you could face serious issues.

The threat of deportation may have you frightened, and the idea of the government forcing you to leave the place you call home can leave you feeling devastated. However, you may have been offered the option of choosing voluntary departure rather than removal. Of course, because immigration laws can cause you confusion, you may wonder what route would suit your circumstances.

Can drunk driving be prevented?

How many times have you heard someone say, "It's a free country" in response to questions regarding why a particular deed was done? Many times, such replies are asserted when the activity participated in is of questionable moral or lawful means, such as driving above a posted speed limit or using an illegal drug. You can't change another person's actions, but you may be able to positively affect another person's decision-making process to help him or her avoid various types of problems, especially legal trouble.

It's no secret that intoxicated motorists continue to plague Texas and the rest of the nation. Just about every day, someone suffers injury in a drunk driving accident somewhere. Worst cases often include fatalities, which can wreak devastation upon families and entire communities. If there's a way to avoid alcohol-related accidents, most people would want to know more about it.

Facing drug charges? You can regain possession of your future

A conviction for a drug-related crime can put a significant strain on a person's future. If you are facing accusations for drug possession, you could be feeling somewhat intimidated and/or overwhelmed by the process. You probably consider the concept of spending time in prison and having a criminal record as less than ideal, and wish to protect yourself from potentially devastating consequences.

Chances are, you may have limited knowledge of the process and everything involved, and you could be wondering what comes next. Numerous factors can influence the outcome of your current predicament. Whatever your circumstances may be, you will probably want to obtain legal counsel for advice on how to proceed.

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