Helping Clients Navigate The U.S. Immigration System

Texas, like the rest of the United States, has a rich history of immigrant contributions. For many, however, figuring out the immigration process can be difficult. From obtaining the correct status to ensuring that you maintain it legally, it can be an arduous and expensive process that is significantly complicated if you are facing or have a history of criminal charges. An experienced immigration lawyer, however, can help you determine your options and place you in the best position to resume your life in the U.S.

Lead attorney Emmanuel Albarado has significant experience assisting clients with the immigration process. As a former prosecutor and now a criminal defense attorney, he also brings with him comprehensive knowledge of the criminal justice system and its impact on immigration status. As a Mexican-American himself, he takes immense pride in assisting individuals through these difficult matters.

Placing You In The Strongest Position

The U.S. immigration process is cumbersome and places a lot of emphasis on small details. At our firm, we can help you figure out the steps you need to take to obtain or maintain legal status. In addition, we assist clients who are seeking to petition their relatives or loved ones.

Whether you're here illegally, on a temporary, nonimmigrant visa or are a legal permanent resident/green card holder, you are still subject to the immigration system. If you're charged with a crime, your ability to remain in the U.S. or obtain citizenship can be significantly hampered. We can help evaluate your situation and work toward placing you in a favorable position.

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