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Type of drug crime could impact your defense strategies

Many Texas residents find themselves in situations that can often feel confusing and overwhelming. You undoubtedly have felt this way at least once in your life, and you may have struggled to determine the best option for handling the predicament. Though, in the end, you likely discovered the best course of action, you could still find yourself thinking back on that incident and wondering how you could have handled it differently.

Now, you may have found yourself in an even more serious situation in which authorities have filed criminal charges against you. Not only do you feel overwhelmed, but you may also feel panicked at the idea of possibly facing serious consequences. If police have accused you of a drug-related crime, you may wish to ensure that you understand the specific type of crime with which they have charged you.

Drug trafficking

One of the biggest drug crimes that police are often on the lookout for relates to drug trafficking. This type of crime differs from standard drug dealing because trafficking usually involves transporting controlled substances in significant quantities. Even if authorities did not catch you in the act of moving a large amount of drugs, if they believe you possess an amount that could be used for trafficking, you could still face distribution charges.

Drug manufacturing

You could also face serious allegations if police suspect that you had involvement in manufacturing illegal substances. Even if you did not take part in the process from beginning to end, if authorities believe you had any role in production, you could face manufacturing charges. The actions involved in manufacturing could potentially depend on the type of substance allegedly being created, such as growing marijuana or "cooking" methamphetamines.

Drug/paraphernalia possession

Possession charges may come in as some of the most common drug charges brought against individuals. Possession allegations can apply to illegal substances or paraphernalia typically associated with the use of such substances. Therefore, if you have certain pipes, syringes, papers or other items that authorities suspect were used or could be used in relation to drug activity, you could face possession of drug paraphernalia charges.

Similarly, if police suspect that you possess an illegal substance, they could charge you with drug possession. However, these allegations could differ from state to state as well as on federal and state levels. The severity of possession charges could also depend on specific factors relating to the situation.

Drug crime defense

If you face any of the mentioned charges or other allegations relating to drug crimes, you have the right to create a criminal defense. Having a meaningful defense could help you work toward the outcomes you hope to achieve and possibly avoid negative consequences.

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