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Can drunk driving be prevented?

How many times have you heard someone say, "It's a free country" in response to questions regarding why a particular deed was done? Many times, such replies are asserted when the activity participated in is of questionable moral or lawful means, such as driving above a posted speed limit or using an illegal drug. You can't change another person's actions, but you may be able to positively affect another person's decision-making process to help him or her avoid various types of problems, especially legal trouble.

It's no secret that intoxicated motorists continue to plague Texas and the rest of the nation. Just about every day, someone suffers injury in a drunk driving accident somewhere. Worst cases often include fatalities, which can wreak devastation upon families and entire communities. If there's a way to avoid alcohol-related accidents, most people would want to know more about it.

Practical tips for decreasing chances of drunk driving incidents

Car accidents involving young adults occur often on Texas roadways. Summer is prime time for parties and special events, many of which include alcohol. The following basic ideas may help you and your loved ones stay safe from alcohol-related injuries:

  • Avoid drinking alcohol if you plan to get behind the wheel.
  • If you know you'll imbibe alcoholic beverages, ask someone who is not consuming any alcohol to be your driver for the day.
  • If you notice someone at your party or other social occasion who has obviously had too much alcohol to drink, try to convince him or her to hand over the car keys instead of driving. Helping him or her to arrange for safe transportation may be a viable option as well.
  • If you're hosting a party, serve plenty of food and non-alcoholic beverages so guests can make responsible choices while having fun. (Food intake lowers alcohol absorption rates in the body.)
  • Do not serve alcohol to anyone under legal drinking age.
  • Be aware of the signs of an intoxicated driver while navigating Texas roadways.

Even if you do your best to provide your party guests with safe alternatives to alcohol and are a cautious, alert driver when you take to the road, there's little you can do about another person's poor choices or negligence on the highways. If you're involved in a motor vehicle collision caused by an intoxicated motorist, there's no reason you should bear the financial impact of the situation. Recovering physically is challenging, not to mention facing undue financial hardship because of medical expenses and other costs associated with your accident.

A personal injury lawyer can help you explore all available options to seek maximum compensation for damages following a drunk driving accident. To begin the process, most people simply request consultations with experienced attorneys.

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