Safeguarding Your Custodial Interests

In a divorce, matters involving the support and care of children often cause the strongest disagreements. Matters of child custody in particular can be emotional, stressful and contentious. An experienced attorney, however, can ease some of the burden and help negotiate fair and amicable parenting plans that are in the best interests of both parents and children.

The Albarado Law Firm, P.C., was founded with the goal of assisting individuals and families in Denton, North Texas and across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex with their legal needs, including every aspect of child custody proceedings, or "conservatorship," as they are known in Texas. From helping you determine whether joint or sole managing conservatorship works best for your situation to informing you of your rights and working diligently to protect them, we are on your side.

Working Toward A Favorable Outcome

Ideally, parenting plans should be flexible and accommodating of the goals and lives of both parents while simultaneously protecting the safety and best interests of the child. We will strive to help establish a creative parenting-time schedule that fits your particular situation, while fighting for your best interests.

When it comes to matters of child support, we help parents as they formulate parenting plans and provide assistance to individuals who either aren't able to meet the plan's goals or are awaiting child support from a nonpaying ex-spouse.

We also recognize the impact that paternity issues can have on child custody and visitation and can help you navigate those matters.

Emmanuel is proudly affiliated with Divorce In Peace, a renowned network of divorce professionals dedicated to promoting clients' interests during the process.

Strong Representation In Attorney General Cases

In Texas, individuals may find themselves facing a suit from the attorney general for nonpayment of child support. In our state, child support arrears can have a negative impact on your ability to enroll in Medicaid or obtain SNAP food benefits. In these cases, we can work with the attorney general and protect your rights.

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