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Awesome team!
I can't begin to explain how thankful i am for chosing Albarado Law Firm. For it being my 2nd dwi i thought i was going to be facing many obstacles that i wasnt ready for, but with the help of Emmanuel and Angela i was able to get another chance to make my life better for me! They prepared me for everything coming at me and i was more than ready. Nervous, but ready. The results are amazing and i couldn't be happier.

Dwi attorney
As a criminal defense attorney. Few can be better than this one. He was very professional and informative of my options and the proceedings. Leaving with little to worry about, i felt at ease due to his knowledge and experience. I knew I chose the right attorney. I would recommend him to other's

One of a kind!!
This was my first time to need a lawyer and was very nervous for the whole process but was referred to Mr.Albarado by my stepmom and I must say it was the right choice. Mr. Albarado and his assistant Angela answered any question or concern that I had or encountered along the way. Each conversation i had with them went smoothly and I was always kept in the loop. I'm very thankful for the results of my case that Mr. Albarado was able to get me and couldn't be more thankful that I hired him and not someone else. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing legal help. Thanks for everything!!!

I would recommend Emmanuel Albarado to anyone and everyone!
Emmanuel was by far the best choice I could have chosen for my lawyer. He was constantly in contact with me, kept me informed of any and all progress that was made in my case, and was always helpful with any questions that I had. On December 25, 2015 I was charged with a DWI in blood was taken and come to find out I was above a .15% and my charge was put into a different bracket than it would have been if I was under .15%. I was also charged with an Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon as well, in which Emmanuel got dismissed for me. I am currently on pre-trial diversion, with a probation period of 2 years, but when the 2 years are up the DWI charge will not remain on my record! Emmanuel is by far one of the best choices you can make to put your case into his hands..he's a God loving family man, and I would recommend him to anyone. Also, his sister and assistant Angela Albarado was extremely helpful in everything that she did..informing me about other progress that was being made in my case, court dates, and all other information. This law firm is by far the best in Cooke County, and with his new office in Denton, he will be the best in Denton County before too long. Place your trust in this man, because I know that judging off what he did for me, during a time in which I couldn't even begin to think about what my punishment was going to be, he came through and delivered the most amazing outcome, more than I could have ever imagined. He will fight for you in every way possible, and get the best verdict in your case! Even if it's something that seems small, all the way up to the most difficult of offenses, the Albarado Law Firm can help you out!

The best attorney ive ever had he was definitely  a blessing.
This is the truth an my experience with hiring Emmanuel Alberado. I got my second dwi while still on parol so i felt helpless but he was able to get my court date set off for alittle over a year like i asked him so parol didnt violate me. Such a plus within itself then my charge was up to a 4000 fine an up to a year in jail but he got the fine an court cost waved i didnt want probation but it was offered to me only a year probation but i declined i just wanted to do the least amount of time as possible because ive been down the probation/parol road an didnt want to put up with the fees classes or someone probation officer breathing down my neck every 5 min even though i could do it didnt want the hassle long story short i paid him 2500 $ an he got me 20 days jail time witch i was overly pleased with no additional fines or court cost witch could been alot more than 2500$ i was able to pick the date i wanted to turn myself in on i cant say enough good things about him the list goes on an on he met everyone of my request an more also his assistant/sister was very sweet an helpful they both went to bat for me the whole way. Its not always true when people say you get what you pay for because i know he got me alot better deal than what i paid for him to represent me ive hired a few attorneys an by far he is at the top of the list thank you again Emmanuel for everything so glad Jesus put it in my path to hire you. Almost forgot he also got a resisting arrest charge dropped because i refused to give blood an they physically held me down an took it against  my will. But yea lets just say it was a good night gone bad after i got behind the wheel dont drink an drive folks. But if you happen to get into trouble i would deffently give Emmanuel Albarado a call first

Albarado law firm
Mr. Albarado is a excellent attorney. He helped me with some legal issues I had . It turned absolutely better than I ever thought it would . He worked hard and got the best verdict I could ask for . Mr. Albarado and his legal asst. Angela are so awesome . They are so down to earth and easy to talk too , they make you feel right at home . They are a brilliant team and a knockout law firm . You can't go wrong choosing Emmanuel Albarado!!!!!

1st DWI
Mr. Albarado was an amazing attorney. Not only did he listen to everything I had to say and answered every question I asked but his assistant was amazing as well. What seemed to be a scary issue actually wasn't because of the information I received and the understanding of how he would help me get through it. I received this dwi not in my hometown and did everything by phone and email. It went smoothly and now I'm done with it. I truly would recommend him to people who need a great attorney to fight for them.

Above expectations and amazing service
Albarado provided extremely great services for my case. He told me he was going to get it dismissed and he did not give up until it was. I would recommend him to any of my friends for any number of reasons because I am confident in his skill as a lawyer and he is overall a really good guy. He was a fair price and the scheduled payments were not hard to maintain. He provided great service and would be my go to lawyer if I were to ever need one again, hopefully not, but if I do he will be the first I would call.

the best
This super awesome guy took my case and saved me from what could have been the most horrible time of my life. He is very honest and worked very hard for me. I would recommend him to to everybody.

Amazing lawyer
I had a drug paraphernalia charge that I received in Sept of 2015. When I went to court I didn't have a lawyer represent me. I thought I was on deferred but when I called to check on the status of my citation I was told other wise. I called countless of lawyers in the Gainesville area and they all didn't seem to care about my case except for Emmanuel. I called the office and they were very helpful and informative. I had a consult with Emmanuel and he was very honest with me which you don't get along from lawyers . He ensured me that there wAs 50% percent possibility that he may or may not be able to turn around the decision that was already made when it came to my citation . I decided to hire Emmanuel because I trusted him and he seemed very knowledgeable of what he was doing . He did what he said he was going to do and was able to convince the judge to put me on deferred so I wouldn't have this charge on my record . I was so estatic when I received the good news . If you ever need a lawyer please hire Emmanuel he will get the job done . He is an amazing lawyer ! Very honest and knowledgeable

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